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 MyMall offers a wide variety of professional services.

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Just as you can lease space in physical shopping centers, MyMall gives any size businesses the opportunity to set up their own storefront on a very busy shopping mall on the Internet, at a fraction of the cost.

MULTI-LANGUAGE WEB SITES: Because the Internet is global, language often represents an obstacle. MyMall has put together a network of professional translators to serve that specific need.

COMPLETE E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS: From the “start-up” to the large corporation, MyMall can develop complete turnkey e-commerce solutions to meet just about any needs. Expertise in Tag Activated Markup Extensions (TAME) and other state-of-the-art technologies allows MyMall to compete head-to-head with advanced web development firms. From basic order forms to complex dynamic pages, MyMall’s full range of e-commerce services is available now.

TRAINING & WORKSHOPS: The MyMall Network has gathered a professional team of instructors touching all aspects of conventional business (taxation, marketing administration, operations, technical) adapted to the wave of the future: the Internet.
Each training and workshop is lead either by a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a self-made millionaire or an expert in the field: "Success attracts success."
In addition to training its own sales force, technicians and web page creators, MyMall offers workshops "by invitation only". Available only through the seminars system, workshops are down-to-earth, information-filled half or full day sessions.  The content of each session is directly related to the subjects discussed at the seminars.  Subjects include:

  •  How to successfully get on the Internet

  • How to market a website

  • How to register to over 900 free search engines

  • How to promote yourself through workgroups

  • Internet Presence Vs Exposure Vs Success

  • How to handle large responses

  • Sending news releases to media

  • Working and making money with email

  • How to read and use Internet statistics

We show clients how to really succeed on the Internet.

WEBSITE HOSTING: Compare the total benefits to any other provider in the world, our virtual server websites are unmatched in high speed quality hardware, software and exclusive custom programming which offers the maximum benefits in minimum time!  See details!

We offer this service FREE OF CHARGE when clients select one of MyMall’s special Internet Marketing Kits. Each one is priced so that just about any small business can easily afford it, even though their storefront is located in a huge network of electronic shopping malls. And now you can even create your website YOURSELF!

CLASSIFIED ADS: A full-page classified ad sold in 3-month blocks for less than a one-day, four-line ad in most newspapers. Visitors can even link directly to our client’s own homepage anywhere in the Network.

SEMINARS: One of our favorite services, as it creates a wealth of new clients. Subjects include (but not limited to):

  • Why Bother With The Internet?

  • How to Really Make Money on the Internet!

  • Associations & Non-profit Organizations on the Internet

  • How to conduct business on the Internet?

  • The Whole Truth about the Internet

  • To Be or Not To Be on the Internet? - Today's question! 

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: MyMall offers full real-time credit card processing services through authorize.net and other industry leaders who specialize in accepting credit card payments and then wiring the funds directly into our clients’ own bank account for a nominal fee. Merchant Account setup with several sources is also available through MyMall.


SPECIALIZED SEARCH ENGINES PLACEMENT:  A recent alliance with 4Aces Marketing, a worldwide leader in specialized search engines placement, allows MyMall to offer top ranked results. Many of 4 Aces' clients rank at the very top of the major search engines ranking, ahead of millions of other listings. That is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after service on the Internet. 4 Aces Marketing is the Winner of several marketing awards.

OTHER SERVICES: MyMall offers basically just about anything and everything seen on the Internet. Clients can pick and choose from a long list of options. Here are some of the additional services available: 

  • Complete customized e-commerce solutions

  • Specialized Search Engine placement (many of our clients rank #1 out of millions of listings)

  • Press Release to over 10,000 media worldwide

  • Special Programming (Forms, scripts, everything about e-commerce)

  • Real time Video/Audio + Slide Shows

  • Professional photography

  • Chat Rooms & Discussion Boards

  • Animated images, Blinking Text

  • Email-bot (auto-Responder)

  • FAQ Question Form & Customer Survey

  • Java Scrollbar & LED display

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Graphic Design

  • Flash technology



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