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MyMall Network Corporation is a Wyoming Corporation with its registered Headquarters in the State of California. Its legal address is 3660 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 744, Los Angeles, CA, USA 90010. Voice: 819.682.7630 - Fax: 208.977.8477


Help businesses succeed on the Internet by offering professional and affordable access to the Information SuperHighway to all businesses independent of size or location, and to all humans independently of race, sex, age or beliefs.  MyMall believes in a positive balance created by a social and economical environment where business can be conducted efficiently with remarkable results, and where children, teenagers and adults can find a wealth of information while communicating with the rest of the world.


Since 1982 MyMall's principals have been working hand-in-hand with small businesses around the world. The recent explosion of interest toward the Information Super Highway and the development of new Internet related technologies have created a real need for small businesses to network together in order to survive through the end of this century. With the creation of MyMall-Hawaii, MyMall Network was just the beginning of the very first network of electronic shopping malls.  Other world's premieres include: Keiki Mall , Non-Profit Mall, Multi-Language availability, Internet Seminars for tenants, and more.


Years of expertise in management, telecommunications, computers, software development, sales & marketing, technical services and operations is setting MyMall in the course of success. Its management team includes:


MyMall's Sales Force consists of a network of Independent Contractors who become CyberPro™ after meeting specific requirements. Each contractor must attend ongoing training provided by MyMall, and must show knowledge and professionalism in order to be allowed to represent the Network.


MyMall Network Corporation is a marketing company specialized in Internet exposure. Although our day-to-day operations require a full time webmaster and other technically inclined individuals, most of the technical elements are sub-contracted.  We have our own servers plus we use several third party service providers with over 100 Silicon Graphics servers and several T1 and T3 lines. As mentioned above, most of our sales representatives are independent contractors. The same situation exists for the web page creators, although the creation of extensive web sites can be farmed out to reputable designers.


Basically, we can do anything and everything technically available on the Internet, including 3D Animations, Flash, Real Video/Audio, etc.  Our services range from simple web page creation to large databases and hosting large corporations. However, to facilitate the decision-making process with start-ups, MyMall also offers three professional packages at guaranteed lowest prices. Please consult our SERVICES page for Pricing & Availability and for more information.

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